5-Pitching Tips for a Better Performance on the Mound

by Showususer Administrator

Tip #1 - Don't Be Predictable & “Earn” Every Pitch;
Ask any hitter when they get 0-2 in the count if they think they are going to see a curveball in the next 2 pitches. They will all say yes. And ask any pitcher what they want to do and they will say; Strike them out. This is a Good time to challenge the hitter with your best pitch – Earn it!

Tip #2 - Throw an Off-Speed Early in the Count;
Most pitchers wait until they are ahead to throw a curve. A
first pitch curve over the plate has a .069 batting avg. in

Tip #3 - Perfect or In the Dirt with 2 Strikes;
I tell my pitchers all the time, “You don’t need to be perfect; you just need to be in the Box”. A perfect pitch will get you results....a dirt mistake will not get the hitter to swing. And never throw a dirt curve with runners in scoring position.

Tip #4 – Pitch to Your Strengths & “Play the Game within the Game”;
Don't throw a curve late in the count if you are a power pitcher. Get ahead, use your defense and make a quality pitch. Ask the question; What do you want the hitter to do?

Tip #5 - Never Shut Down a Pitch or Show Emotion on the hill;
Too many times pitchers shut down a pitch if it is not working. Bad move. Earn your pitches. Take your in-between warm-us to practice throwing them. Imagine you have two-strikes on the hitter. The opposing coach will always pick up when you have shut down a pitch....throwing a bad one (in the dirt) is better than shutting it down all together.

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