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Sports Injury

Helping athletes recover from a sports injury is both a science and an art. At AZ Biomechanics Dr. Nicholas Poff and Dr. Khavari are skilled in treating sports related injuries and our aim is getting athletes back in the game. We carefully evaluate each sports injury and will design an individual treatment plan based on your specific key movements, strengths and areas of stability. Whether you live in Ahwatukee or anywhere else in the Phoenix area, if you are looking to recover from a sports injury AZ Biomechanics wants to help you.

Athletic Performance

Performing at one’s top ability is every athlete's goal and being in peak condition requires an approach that not only capitalizes on strengths, but also works to improve areas of weakness. At AZ Biomechanics our skilled professionals have experience conditioning, training, and improving the performance of athletes from every skill level.  From beginners to pro-athletes our chiropractors have worked with and helped many patients heal from a variety of injuries and greatly improve their athletic performance.

To learn more about Az Biomechanics visit: or call (480) 619-2020

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